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September 11

Entrance overlook
We started Sunday with a trip to the Black Canyon of Gunnison. A totally awesome and terrifying place.  Formed nearly two-billion years ago by ancient volcanic collisions the canyon features steep cliffs, craggy spires and the Gunnison River which is barely visible from the rim of the canyon.

The deep brown rock and sheer walls were perhaps less visually appealing than say the Grand Canyon, but the magnitude of this place was not to be taken for granted. The Ute Indians occupied this area of Colorado for ten-thousand years but avoided the canyon for superstitious reason. My newfound fear of heights quickly came to the surface standing at the barricaded edges of the canyon, and I totally got where the Ute were coming from about their superstitions. While the formation and beauty of such a place boggles the mind there is little good that could come from significant interaction with the canyon—namely a sure and painful death with one slip or fall.

There were overlooks that were less barricaded than others and I made sure the laces of my shoes and Caroline’s were tied tightly—Donna hung back. A couple of young dudes from New Jersey—of course—on their way back home after purchasing a nifty green 1983 Volkswagen T3 Transporter van in San Diego didn’t really respect the size, the scale or the danger the canyon presented. They tempted fate at one of these unbarricaded overlooks by standing on some rocks with their arms above their heads in a dumb yoga tree pose. I wanted to yell at them to get down from there, tie their goddamn shoes and quit being assholes. I don’t know, maybe I was wrong—maybe as they stood there posing with their eyes closed, they really were having a transcendental moment and not just showing off.

Despite the beauty and power of the Black Canyon I was more than happy to exit it for the safety of the Staywise and football Sunday—the first football Sunday of the NFL season. Donna and Caroline were planning on going into town to a place called called the “Amazing Glaze,” to paint some pottery while I got my lazy fat guy on with Sunday football. We brought cheese and crackers and all the fixings for veggie wraps from the van for a cheap lunch.  Again, our swipe cards didn’t work.

“Mr. I don’t know, I’m not from around here” actually didn’t know why the cards weren’t working other than to say when they brush up against a cell phone the magnetic strip sometimes becomes demagnetized and the card doesn’t work.

I forgot about the time difference and was expecting the games to just be starting when we got back a little after 1pm, but we were on Mountain time, so kickoff was at 11am. When I sat down we were well into the debacle of the Bengals v. Steelers. Even though Cincy revamped their O-line Joe Burrows was sacked seven times and Mitchell Trubisky, who backed-up to Josh Allen last year was a jag—just a guy. I was hoping Trubisky would have a better showing with this new opportunity. That was followed Chiefs drubbing of the Cardinals—you can’t win in the NFL with a five-foot QB and then the Bucs v. Cowboys, where both teams looked terrible.

The “Amazing Glaze,” didn’t work out for Donna and Caroline. The painting of the pottery was just one part of the process. After the painting was done the pottery had to baked in an oven. The proprietor baked on Wednesdays and people pick up their painted jars and ashtrays on Friday’s. Since we weren’t locals ours would have to be shipped. It was all too involved and the girls came back to the hotel and put up with me watching ten hours of football.

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